The Best Tuna with A Tree Crunch

Posted By on Mar 19, 2016 |

What is the best Tuna recipe?

I have a tuna recipe that my buddy gave me. He is  Bucks County Tree Service guy and doesn’t have much time to eat int he field. So his go to is a tuna lunch that is quick and easy to take and make while in between climbing. The Tuna lunch he likes is the Tuna mixed with relish and mustard.

He states he takes the tuna in the can and dumps out the water and put it into a small bowl. He then places relish in the bowl and the mustard and mixes the entire thing together. He states if he has fresh tuna, then that is better, but if you do not have fresh tuna, then this is the way to go. My buddy states that the best thing to do is bring a roll as well but he has no problem eating it out of the bowl.

The tree service in Bucks County , near the Delaware River,does not afford him the opportunity to catch any fresh tuna but he has caught a few bass. This site about tuna is not going into the bass fishing area. Anyway, he states that the tuna is filling the way he makes it. He states if your not sure about what he is saying, then you need to try it.  The relish is what he states adds the flavor to the tuna. He states the mustard gives it some tang and get rid of having to have mayyonaise.  He state he likes mayyonaise but does not want all the fat. So he states try the sandwich and leave a comment below. Let us know if you would like to hear more about a high protein lunch. You can also visit his new blog when it is finished. He states he will let us know.

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